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AirStMaarten offers travellers 10 practical resources to help them get to St. Barths effortlessly.

Management and staff at AirStMaarten expect it to be a busy season for travellers trying to get to St. Barths in December and January and therefore we would like to publish an overview of our services that will come in handy this high season for travellers looking to fly to St. Barths. We have compiled a list of 10 practical resources to make travel planning to St. Barths as effortlessly as possible. These are…

1. Commercial Flights
You can book commercial flights to St. Barths online at . Or you can submit a reservation request with your inbound connection flight information online at  and we will send you an offer that fits your itinerary.

2. Private Charters
You can book private flights to St. Barths with us by submitting a reservation request with your inbound connection flight information online at and we will send you an offer for a private charter that will allow you to fly to St. Barths VIP style.

3. St. Barths by Air Comparison Site
Visit for a list of the options how to get to St. Barths and the respective fares, rates and fees for our commercial flights, private charters, shared charters and VIP services. (Special rates are applicable this season.)

4. Shared Charters Schedule
Visit for a list of the available shared charters to St. Barths this season. Remember, if you don’t see anything scheduled to fit your itinerary, just simply submit a reservation request with your inbound connection flight information online at and we will schedule a shared charter for you so that you can fly to St. Barths with all the amenities and services of a private charter.

5. AirStMaarten VIP Services
For a smooth and hassle-free transit through SXM Airport, you can book our VIP Meet, Greet, Escort, Immigration Clearance, Luggage Assist & Transfer Services at . Our rates starts at $150 per couple.

6. AirStMaarten Private Jet Charters
Before you can get to St. Barths, you need to get to down to the Caribbean first. You can do so by commercial flight, but you can also choose to fly by private jet as we are now offering our jetset clients the option to request a private jet quote via

We have partnered with several private jet operators to bring you down to St. Maarten, Anguilla or St. Kitts so that you can connect with our turboprop charter flights to St. Barths. This service will guarantee you a smooth and seamless connection to St. Barths.

7. Group Air Charters
The group bookings we are getting are growing in number of passengers per group – 50 to 100 passengers – and for this we are required to source bigger aircrafts for our clients. You can read more about our Group Air Charter Services here .

8. Group Discounts
To get the best fare possible for your group to St. Barths, even if they are flying in on different commercial airliners, you can benefit from our group discount service as we can group them and put them on our shared charters. Click here to read how you can get our group discount for your party.

9. Luggage Transfer Service To St. Barths
For the extremely busy days before and after the holidays, we are organizing luggage transfers to St. Barths for late arrivals. Read more online here>>>

10. Helicopter Transfers To St. Barths
Finally, you can also charter a helicopter through us to fly you to St. Barths. Here is the technical information such as the luggage capacity on the helicopter and for bookings, please submit a reservation request online at


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