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The Ultimate Guide To Getting To St. Barths With AirStMaarten. A Comprehensive Ebook On How To Get To St. Barths Fast, Easy, Seamless And Hassle-Free. If you are planning a holiday trip to St. Barths, order this ebook today. Price $25 US Dollars. Order your copy now! Price will be refunded as a discount on your next private charter booking to St. Barths with AirStMaarten.


From The Editor

In 2006 I discovered a gap in the market for personalized air transportation service to St. Barths. There were only two options to get to St. Barths by air: on a commercial flight or on a private charter. With a private charter you have to pay for the whole aircraft and with a commercial flight you had the hassle of dealing with airport queues, immigration lines, check-in times and luggage transfers. Recognizing that there was a need for a more personalized service, I created the concept of “shared charters” whereby clients get the service and amenities of a private charter but only pay for the seat they occupied on the private charter the same way they would on a commercial flight. The only requirement was that the client had to share the privately chartered aircraft with other passengers they did not know. This is the reason why I wrote this ebook: to give clients the ultimate guide on how to get to St. Barths with AirStMaarten.

NOTICE: This ebook should be used an information guide. The goal of this ebook is to guide you through the process of planning and ultimately booking your leisure or vacation trip to St. Barths.

From all you may have heard about St. Barths, you will probably expect to see a red carpet rolled out at the airport when you disembark from your flight. The Caribbean’s most expensive and exclusive island does certainly live up to its reputation as a sandbox where the jet-set and celebrities mix and mingle. But still, St. Barths also boasts charm which makes it attractive to the regular holidaymaker, from its distinctive Gallic flair to its white, sandy and uncrowded beaches. The tidy Gustavia capital with its designer stores and gingerbread trimmed cottages encompasses a yacht-filled harbor. On the other end of the island, in proximity of the Gustavia SBH Airport, the St. Jean Beach is a tiny strip with colorful beach bars and boutiques that can rival those of St. Tropez. For that reason, St. Barths is also known as the St. Tropez of the Caribbean.



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