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Everyone who lives and works on St. Barths knows that summer is the ‘slow’ season compared to the ‘bustle’ during the winter high season. However, things have improved with the rebound in the financial sector and the world’s economy and more people from the US and Europe have become acquainted with the shores, cuisine and beauty of St. Barths. But summer is still a bit slow. Up until now, that is. People who come to St. Barths in the summer can now expect to leave the doldrums at home.

In the words of the great Bob Marley, you can lively up yourself and be no drag in quite a few ways in St. Barths during the summer nowadays. The island has developed a number of festivals, concert venues, and celebrations that take place in the summer months. These include Bastille Day on July 14th, because we are French after all.

On July 21st we celebrate the end of slavery in honor of Victor Schoelcher, the man who championed the end of slavery on our French West Indies islands. The Festival of Gustavia is a colorful party and fishing festival that brings in sports fishermen from all over the world.

The EMM Sunset Party, the annual “fete” at Flamands, the Gustavia music festivals in June, the West Indies Regatta in May, and the annual St. Barth Film Festival in April have been developed by the government to provide a variety of entertainment to visitors and residents during the summer months. Also a way of extending the “season” in St. Barths.

If you have not eaten everywhere in St. Barths yet, summer is the perfect time to experiment and enjoy the huge varieties of cuisine and taste sensations that the many fine restaurants have to offer. One of the islands most knowledgeable and long time visitor – a ‘local’ by now on all counts – Dennis Carlton, author of the St. Barths book “Case et Cuisine” and owner of the villa of the same name and fame and also the proprietor of the Normandie Hotel, highly recommends the fare at Le Repaire, Maya’s, Eddy’s, Le Carre, Santa Fe, Hideaway, Bagatelle, Do Brazil, BAZ, Cote Port, L’Isola, Le Grain de Sel, Tamarin and La Gloriette.

The low summer rates make dining out just a little more special. Every local chef makes a special effort to make summer dining a fabulous deal. According to Dennis, the restaurants have been ‘buzzing’ this summer and many were packed with people taking advantage of the luncheon rates. “For the first time in memory, Santa Fe will be open in August! And one of the greatest bargains — ever — is being repeated by Chef/Proprietor Jean Claude at his L’Espirit restaurant in September.” noted Dennis Carlton in a recent posting online.

Naturally, the beaches are always open and the summer heat makes the water more inviting. Fishing, boating, parasailing, and all other water sports are just as lively in the summer as they are during the high season winter period. Several webcams on the island can give you an idea of the fun that you may be missing.

The summer on St. Barths can be a real great time for a total relaxation visit. You can leave all your worries and your cares behind and just forget about all your problems. Read that book you have been dying to read. Visit parts of the island you have heard about but never seen before. Buy a souvenir that is absolutely you and uniquely different.

The aforementioned webcams can show you the sights, the beaches, the people, the sports, and all the fun that you may be missing by not coming to our island in the summer, including women’s beach volleyball. At least, so I have been told. I haven’t managed to see that as yet. Maybe summer next year!

Smaller crowds, lower prices, and a larger selection of the best villas make summer in St. Barths just that much better. To submit a reservation request to share a charter to or from St. Barths this summer, go to

Note: To see the line-up for the 2015 St. Barth Summer Session from August 5th to 15th, click here…


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  1. St Barth Family Festival, July 31-August 17, 2015

    DJs and musical artists from New York City, Las Vegas, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, and Ibiza perform in Saint Barth from July 31 thru August 17 during the 2015 edition of the popular St Barth Family Festival. Among them, the highly anticipated DJ, The Avener, internationally known for his hit single “Fade Out Lines.”

    As of Friday, July 31, the 2015 edition of the St Barth Family Festival is happening. A galaxy of artists from the international scene performing in all four corners of the island. The action starts at Ti St Barth, with the acoustic duo of Miguel Caballer (singer/guitar) and Joël Netry (percussion), who open the festivities with an evening of fiery flamenco/gypsy music.

    Throughout the festival, the Ti St. Barth “Caribbean tavern” in Pointe Milou, The First, Manapany, Taïwana, and Eden Rock (for a special soiree on August 9) host the hip-hop vibe of Dexter Love, a major DJ from Brooklyn, who spins for such international clients as Guess and Samsung, among a long list. DJ Mario Giorno is up next, remembered in St Barth for Cactus Café soirees, and his compilations for

    Straight from Los Angeles, Greg Cerrone, the son of Marc Cerrone (author of the hit “Give Me Love”) heats things up at clubs around the world, after a long collaboration with Radio FG. Find him at The First and at Ti St Barth in August.

    Tom Costino, resident DJ at Fouquet’s and George V in Paris, is also part of the party, as well as William Geslin of the legendary “Save The Robots” club in New York.

    Also among the stars of this summer sizzle is the international phenomenon, The Avener. After a long residence on the Côte d’Azur, the young and talented Tristan Casara popped out of the shadows and into the spotlight with his hit single “Fade Out Lines.” A number one hit in at least 17 countries.

    Also anticipated, Manu Lanvin and his group, featuring his great rock-blues vocals, for a special soiree at Ti St Barth with his brother Léo Lanvin. Popular at festivals (including Cannes where he is the official DJ), Léo is one of the artists warmly welcomed to Saint Barth.

    The saxophone of Natty Rico will be heard during the festival, along with such DJs as Fabien Koufach and Chris Magic from New York with their house music; plus GetDown, Jérôme Barthélemy, Carole.G , Franck N., and Gregory Baker of their Open Format sets.

    At the Yacht Club, fans of Caribbean sounds and hip-hop will be on the dance floor moving to the music of DJs Leila, Moody Mike, Blaze, Bam, Outkast, and Vince.

    It’s time to get in the groove: the 15 days of the St Barth Family Festival have begun. Through August 17, an exceptional summer rendezvous!

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