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Aug 26 2015 By Terrance Rey in St. Barths , Travel Agents

I am writing this article on a self-imposed deadline instigated by the approach of Tropical Storm Erika with the aim of advising visitors on my Caribbean home island of St. Maarten what to do before TS Erika reaches our Windward Islands or worst, turns into a Hurricane. Introduction Six years ago, in September of 2009, … Continue reading Top Things To Do When A Storm Threatens Your Caribbean Vacation Island

Jul 28 2015 By Terrance Rey in Airlines , Travel Agents

AirStMaarten Recommended Caribbean Destinations … other than St. Barths. For the majority of our repeat customers, St. Barths is the most gorgeous island in the northeastern Caribbean region, if not in the whole of the Caribbean. But as the premier shared charter provider, we here at AirStMaarten can’t help but admit that there are other … Continue reading AirStMaarten Recommended Caribbean Destinations