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Printed in AirSXM News, Fri 8-Oct-2004

DCA ceases all operations

Philipsburg – The saga surrounding the plagued DCA has culminated this week when management decided to throw in the towel yesterday. This means that the airline is no longer operational effective immediately. Flights will no longer be executed as the insurmountable financial problems have grounded the company to a halt.

The holding company of DCA, DC Beheer, has been fighting for the establishment of a new carrier under the name Curaçao Airlines to continue DCA’s operation, however the political parties in Curaçao have not been able to come to an agreement on terms and financing due to several liens put on government funding for DCA.

AirSXM regrets the demise of DCA as this airline company was the first carrier for AirSintMaarten’s virtual airline operations, offering flights to St. Maarten via Curaçao. The first flight was executed on Monday, June 30th, 2003.

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