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Printed in AirSXM News, Mon 18-Oct-2004

AirSXM chooses DutchCaribbeanExel to replace DCA

AirSXM replaces DCA with Dutch Caribbean Exel (DCE). DutchCaribbeanExel executes flights to Curaçao twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. Transatlantic flights from Amsterdam are carried out with a Boeing 767-300ER. Passengers to St. Maarten can connect the same day on Thursdays with CuraçaoExel. On Mondays passengers to St. Maarten will have to overnight in Curaçao. Passengers to Aruba or Bonaire can also connect with BonairExel. AirSXM has updated it's Flight Schedule webpage to reflect these changes, itineraries and flight times.

DutchCaribbeanExel, which was established with the intention of partnering with DCA - hence the similarity in the company names, is actually a continuation of Air Holland's flights into the Dutch Antilles after the Exel Aviation Group took over the bankrupt company's operation. DCE started flying July 2004. However despite its operational and financial difficulties DCA refused to accept Exel's offer for a joint-venture. In October DCA finally filed for bankruptcy and stopped all operations. AirSXM regrets the demise of DCA as this airline company was the first carrier for AirSintMaarten's virtual airline operations, offering flights to St. Maarten via Curaçao. This route will now be commercially exploited by Exel's subsidiaries. Please review the AirSXM Flight Schedule webpage for more details.

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