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Printed in, Mon 6-Dec-2004

AirSXM expands offering with Auto Europe car rental service

Visit AirSXM's new online travel partner

AirSXM expands its offerings to include car rental service provided by Auto Europe. The new service will not only be offered to European, US, Canadian and Caribbean customers but to all customers worldwide. AirSXM will now be able to accommodate its visitors from Europe, the US and Canada who are interested in renting a car for the duration of their stay on St. Maarten. By joining Auto Europe's affiliate programme AirSXM can now offer its customers discount car rental hire at the click of a few buttons.

The website has experienced another significant increase in traffic to the website since October 2004 after the demise of Dutch Caribbean Airlines (DCA) after improved search engine rankings stimulated traffic from May 2004. now boasts a Google ranking of 5 out of 10 points (5/10). Most new visitors to the website originate from the United States and Canada and are now looking for flights between St. Maarten and the sister islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Flights between these islands are provided by the Exel companies operated by Exel Aviation Group (EAG).

AirSXM operates as a virtual airline specializing in offering flights to St. Maarten from Europe through Amsterdam. AirSXM makes it possible to fly to St. Maarten at very attractive rates. AirSXM focuses solely on St. Maarten and is therefore a very specialized niche market player. Internet fulfils a key role in keeping costs low. All savings earned through the virtual operations are passed on to the customers who book their passages with AirSXM. AirSXM flights are executed by renowned airline companies, such as KLM, Air France, Dutch Caribbean Exel, BonairExel, CuraçaoExel and Winair, soon to be known as WinairExel.

Because of the geographical concentration of its operations in Europe with The Netherlands as the departure point, AirSXM has decided to partner with Auto Europe to provide its customers great deals on rental cars. Not only in St. Maarten but also in Europe and the rest of the world.

Click here to book your next rental car with AirSXM and Auto Europe.

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