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"Your very professional and helpful assistance made our short visit to Aruba and Curaçao very successful. We had never been to either island before and only had a limited timescale to get the most out of these two very different islands. Your service made everything work very well. Thanks for your 'hands on' help."
- Peter & Betty Oxley
Owners of Coral Gardens, B&B Accommodations and Apartments, Exuma Bahamas

"With your help we made it to Bonaire without a problem. Picked up our tickets at Schiphol, Amsterdam. Had to wait at Curaçao airport a bit but flight to Bonaire was very pleasant and short. Holidays went great! Diving was good. Lots of coral and small fish. No turtles or sharks though. Thank you for your help with the tickets. Hope some day we will visit St. Maarten!"
- Aleksandra & Mark Hopper
Spent New Year's diving in Bonaire.

"Everything went as planned. We are back on SXM until Saturday and then home. I would be happy to give a testimonial once I get back home and into the swing of things again. Right now I am still on island time."
- Mark S. Provost
Still in St. Maarten not wanting to go home.

"No problems. Thank you for asking. It was a smooth day."
- Rosa Lopez-Batista
from Miami, FL. about her familys trip from St. Maarten to Aruba.

"Went smooth. They were on time. But they need more flights to Curaçao directly from Aruba."
- Sally
from Mequon, Wisconsin about her and her husbands trip to Curaçao.

"Our trip both in Aruba and Bonaire was wonderful. My daughter and I got certified in scuba diving while in Bonaire and dove in Aruba as well. My husband and other daughter did a lot of snorkeling and he played golf. It was beautiful, busy and relaxing at the same time. Everything went smoothly and I wish we were still there. Thank you."
- Ann Magee
from Lindenwold, USA.

"I arrived home well from Sint Maarten via Curaçao at Paramaribo Airport. Thank you. I had to fly for business from Suriname to Sint Maarten. After a few calls around to travel agents in Paramaribo the result was: 'No flights from Curaçao, Aruba, Miami or Trinidad available to Sint Maarten. Sorry'. Unacceptable of course. So I tried the internet. With luck. Via I was able to purchase a confirmed flight on the required dates from Curaçao to Sint Maarten and back. After arrival at Curaçao airport I easily picked up the tickets and boarded the Bonairexpress flight to Sint Maarten. Thanks again!"
- Danny Kruit
construction manager for Volker Stevin Construction Europe, Surinam Branch.

"This year on vacation we had planned to travel to Curaçao from the St.Maarten on Dutch Eagle Express. After I had bought the tickets from Travelocity, I got a call that night from them telling me that they Could not issue the tickets because they did not have a contract with the airlines. I found AIRSXM.COM and within 24 hours I had confirmed seats on the flights that I wanted. They answer all of my questions (I had a lot), in less than an hour after I emailed them. They told me that the tickets would be waiting for me at Princess Juliana Airport and guess what. THEY WERE THERE! I can't say enough about these people, they really saved our vacation and I would use them again in a heartbeat."
- Mark S. Provost
Corona, California, USA. This is the testimonial he sent us September 2nd, 2005, when he got back home. Wow!


Our goal is to put Sint Maarten back on the map.